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Nothing is more relaxing than a good game of Mahjong


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OGS Mahjong is a very complete, free Mahjong game that offers three different game modes based on this popular Chinese table game, they are solitaire Mahjong, Shinsen-sho mode, and gravity Shinsen-sho.

The game offers over a hundred and fifty different layouts, as well as four different themes: 'Classic', 'Neoclassic', 'Flowers', and 'Distros'. All of this, plus the three different scenes you can choose from, gives you quite a bit of variety to choose from when setting up a game.

The game offers pretty much everything you would expect from a digital version of mahjong, with a couple of features that can really improve your gaming experience. You can save your game at any time, or undo as many actions as you want. In fact, you could go back to the beginning of the game by undoing all of your movements.

One of OGS Mahjong’s strong points is how it looks, apart from its nice graphics, it also comes with great animations that let you see how the tiles move.

OGS Mahjong is one of the best options available for playing Mahjong on your computer. It comes with a variety of scenes, good graphics, and is completely free.